My Experiences with Slow Writing

picture3Every since reading David Didau’s blog on slow writing I have been desperate for an opportunity to try it out. As Didau says:

 “The idea is to get students to slow the hell down and approach each word, sentence and paragraph with love and attention. Obviously they’ll write less but what they do write will be beautifully wrought and finely honed.”

In essence, teachers encourage students to think about their writing and how their sentences are constructed by the teacher prescribing how that sentence is formed or what is contained within it.

During the past two weeks year 9 have been completing a poetry unit in which they have to create a poetry anthology about their life. Although their have been successes and major progress in students utilising key poetic devices, their construction of lines has been formulaic and basic which is why this approach appealed to me. Students line construction always followed the same pattern and students often seemed to be in a race to complete the task rather than savouring, planning and re-drafting each line.

These were the directions students were given:

Picture2Students were given a the whole lesson and were actively encouraged to take their time, to plan, discuss and revise their work. The results were very positive.

12 3 4 5The hope is that over the course of the scheme the guidance will become less prescriptive and students will be able to self-manage and conciously craft more thoughtful poetry without teacher direction. Students were also reluctant to voluntarily review and improve their work for confident writing this is essential so this will be a focus in future lessons.

For more on this see David Didau’s post…


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